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Fireworking is a visual celebration of The World Famous.

It has an introduction by Lyn Gardner of The Guardian, and a mix of over 400 stunning photographs, personal stories and comments from those who witnessed the shows, as well as designs, site plans and technical drawings.

The basics

Over 200 pages (each 300 x 225mm), featuring over 400 colour photographs, and over 30,000 words.

Full colour, printed by Pureprint, an award-winning sustainability-savvy printer.

Contributors include:

Lyn Gardiner (theatre critic, The Guardian)
John Fox (director, Welfare State International)
Mike Roberts
Mandy Dike (associate director The World Famous, director of AndNow)
Pippa Bailey (associate director The World Famous, Total Theatre, Performing Lines)
Julian Crouch (Improbable Theatre)
Bill Gee (producer)
Flick Ferdinando (performer, director)
Tom Bailey (production manager, producer)
Mat Ort (production manager)
Jon Linstrum (Arts Council England)
Neil Butler (UZ Arts)
Katy Fuller (Pinwheel Productions)
Howard Moody (composer)
Charlie Morrissey (choreographer)
Angus MacKechnie (National Theatre, Independent Street Arts Network)
Caterina Loriggio (Creative Programmer, London 2012)
Greg Woods (The World Famous)
Maria Hingerty (The World Famous, Theatre of Fire)
Sophie Thomas (thomas.matthews)
Thor McIntyre-Burnie (sound artist)

Editing & design:

Mike Roberts (director of The World Famous)
Stan Grenier (Grenier Ltd)

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